Kreativ Kamille is at it again! 


Making a special gift for my niece and nephews in California. 


Puzzle of Switzerland Price: 400 CHF. If you would like one as well, just let me know and I will quote you a price. My puzzle includes boarder country names in German, Italian, French & English. I can mark special places/locations of your choice. The back side of each Kanton is painted with its Kanton Flag. Educational and Entertaining.




And I painted in the park with kids. Below you will find a painting that I made for the hand and foot prints of a baby for her 1 year birthday! Super fun. That turned into her painting her own, white with colors below, and the smile it brought to her face was priceless! Kids are natural artists just waiting for their canvas to work on. 


Thank you!!!!!

Decorated Parties and Events. 


Decorations for company dinner, Karl Zehnder AG, Einsideln December 2012

Ritterbar, Einsiedeln for Fasnacht January 2013

Birthday dinner for Kari, Beni & Astrid, Einsiedeln January 2013

Marion Birthday Dinner Party Decorations, Einsiedeln, 2013